Thursday, April 10, 2008

I sent fan mail

I read Perfumes: The Guide last night until my eyelids wouldn't stay open and today I am drinking coffee, blearily. Before I went to bed last night, I sent a fan email to Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Turin, telling them I love love love the book, but why no CB I Hate Perfumes or Demeter fragrance reviews? By golly, I got an email this morning from Luca Turin in response, the substance of which I will share: Mr. Turin writes that he feels that these two perfume brands "(very deliberately) fall short of being perfumes proper, in the same way that a sound is not music. All you can say abt them is how well they approximate the intended thing." By golly! Can't say I agree. Perfumes: The Guide includes reviews of similarly simple/one-note fragrances, such as the Clean line and (it could be argued) Jo Malone, so I still think it's an omission. But also a clearly-reasoned one.


becky said...

Oh, wow, man, that's a scathing review, to not review a perfume cuz it's not even a perfume. My new hand soap is very perfumy, and for several days, I've been debating about whether you could call it a sort of perfume. I'm still not sure.

Christina said...

I recently thumbed through this compendium. Dude, they kilt my favorite fragrance, Casual. I'm sad that they called it singular, since I love it and get compliments on it all the time, but then again most complex perfumes smell heavy and oriental on me. That being said, today at Macy's I took home cards of a few of the highly regarded scents, such as Angel and Coco Mademoiselle. Although I don't think I could wear these perfumes (not sophisticated enough et al), they are lovely and seeing them through Turin and Sanchez's eyes makes me appreciate them deeply, even if Coco Mademoiselle was a "mistake."