Thursday, March 13, 2008

super longs

Last weekend, I went with my sister to the Super Longs on 51st in Oakland. We went there for plants (her) and kitty litter (me), as well as some aimless browsing. Since there was nobody at the cosmetics counter when we walked by, I felt free to try some of the perfumes that weren’t enclosed in glass. I sprayed Y Tu Tambien on one wrist, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Beach Honeysuckle on the other wrist, and Love's Baby Soft on the back of my hand. Then someone came over the loudspeaker and said something like "customer needs assistance at the cosmetics counter," so I booked it over to the earring racks to avoid someone asking me why I was opening boxes and spraying myself with stuff. Serves them right for not having testers.

The beach honeysuckle was actually pretty nice - smelled a lot like, well, beaches and honeysuckle - and not too sweet, but it wasn't memorable, either. I liked Y Tu Tambien - mango and vanilla, with a little bit of green, kind of like J. Lo's Live but less complex - but my sister turned up her nose at it. I thought about getting one of the (very cheap) bottles of Y Tu Tambien gathering dust on the counter, but it turned out to be lacking any base whatsoever - it evaporated and nearly disappeared, leaving only the faintest trace of vanilla, before I even left the store. I guess I've been spoiled by some of the fancy scents I've been experimenting with at home - the ones that stay around long after you've forgotten you were wearing them. Light Blue, Live, and (especially) Bigarade Concentree are all able to sustain memorable and varied conversations long after the first spray. Is the name for that quality sillage, or persistance? At any rate, my sister and I both liked the Love's Baby Soft. It is a pretty classic scent.

We also got some lip gloss (her) and a People magazine (me).

The next post will be about either men's colognes or cats'

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becky said...

I vote for the cat's butts!